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Smartsite Solutions partners with award winning rankingCoach to provide the best solution for small business to storm Google rankings.

Is your website struggling to be found on Google? Do you want your brand to be known online?

It is our priority to push you up the Google rankings and keep you in a strong position.

For long term success online, your presence in the organic search is essential for survival. New visitors, repeat customers, new customers or even potential employees are all searching online when they want to find information quickly.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)  or (SEA)?

SEO is the best marketing investment because it generates a positive ROI. Google has a market share of 84% in the UK and therefore offers an incredibly large potential to reach your target audience. This means that once we have built up good rankings, we can channel traffic to your website for months or even years directly through Google!

Your advertisement campaign works great…as long as you pay. But as soon as the money is used up, the campaign stops…and so does its effects. You lose the full benefit of your investment as soon as you stop putting the money down. 

Over 70% of clicks come from organic links on Google, rather than sponsored links, which are the paid advertisements (SEA). This shows that most experienced users are much more likely to click on organic results rather than the Ad.

SEO is a MUST HAVE marketing tool nowadays, because, what use is a website if no one can find it and it does not generate revenue? In any good marketing strategy SEO is an important part, as it offers long-term benefits, and of course, for a POSITIVE Return on Investment (ROI).   

SEO analysis of the relevant keywords

Here is a list of potentially interesting keywords:

(Consider an example project for a dentist in London).                     

Keyword Position Local search volume  
Dentist near me      >100          135000
Dentist      >100          110000
Teeth whitening      >100            90500
Dentist London            4              4400
Dental clinic near me           28              2900
Emergency dentist London           52              2400
Orthodontist London            3              1600
Total            346,800


After identifying relevant keywords, we then need to determine how many people search for those terms, to work out the relevancy. Through a positioning on the first page of Google (top 10 results), on average a site gets 7% of potential traffic. So in the example,  we could draw potentially 24,276 visitors a month to our website if we can optimise the site for the selected keywords selecting keywords which are both relevant and ACHIEVABLE.

RankingCoach provides

  • monitoring up to 10 competitors and 100 keywords
  • together with weekly progress reports.


Base costs £35/month. Includes monitoring up to 10 competitors and 100 keywords.

Plus costs from £50/month. Based on agreed sharing of tasks.



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